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What’s So Great About Games at USA Real Money Casinos?

Seven Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for the Best …online casinos are so trendy in 2016. Maybe because its a lot like PokemonGo but with real cash! Actually, there are more and more people who would rather play at an online casino on a computer or phone than a land-based casino. It is more convenient to use the internet, obviously, because you can bet when and where you want, but what is it that really sets gambling on the internet apart from a night spent at Vegas? Some people so not realize that playing for real money online is not… more

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2016 Online Gaming & Gambling Trends

Mobile Gambling is approaching a staggering $100 billion US dollars in worldwide revenue. The US population of online gamers and gamblers is increasing from 80 million in 2011 to 191 million in 2017, that’s almost 60% population penetration. The demographics of online gaming are seeing a steady march of democratization, leaving the nascent stages of mobile to a mature market. Mobile game spend per consumer is around $22.85. Children aged two to seventeen are now spending an average of over 7 hours per week on mobile games, an increase of almost 50% compared to two years prior (*1). Overall mobile… more

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Potential Shift of Power on Horizon for Vegas Casino Empire

Ms. Elaine Wynn, co-founder of Las Vegas’s three revitalizing veteran resorts and casinos, the Mirage, Bellagio, and Wynn Resorts, and ex-wife of the resort’s fellow founder and current chief executive, Steve Wynn, has been, for various spoken reasons, recently denied the self-nominated revocation as a director on the resort’s Board of Directors. The beginning of this not-so-surprising outcome started through the majority-vote decision to disassemble Ms. Wynn’s seat during a meeting this past March, held by the $13 billion resort company’s corporate governance team. The reason given by the ultimate power holders, namely the governance itself, as well as the, now, Caucasian-male-only, Board of Directors of Wynn Resorts… more

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Massachusetts Officials Refuse to Give Permit for New Wynn Casino

Friday April 3rd 2015, Governor Baker refused to issue a permit this week to the developers of the new Wynn casino to move forward with their expansion in Massachusetts. This new addition to Wynn’s line-up will be a 1.7 billion dollar hotel and casino that overlooks the Mystic River located in Everett, if allowed to move forward. The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) recently sold 1.75 acres to Wynn for $6 million less than a month ago wanting the land for access to the main site. Matthew Beaton secretary of energy and environmental affairs for the governor says that the land transfer violates the Massachusetts… more

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Truck Runs Into Casino, Driver Commits Suicide

The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino was rocked when a Ford pickup slammed into the front entrance and went through the glass doors, causing significant damage to the hotels entrance. Ryan Brown, the driver of the truck, was high on a cocktail of drugs when he deliberately ran his truck into the casino doors. Witnesses say that the F150 looked as if it was going to park with the valet service when it suddenly turned sharply to the right and speed up toward the casino. Patrons and staff were confused and startled by the earthquake-like crash. One witness told local news it… more

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Does Legalized USA Gaming Mean Fiscal Benefits?

One of the primary reasons for governments introducing USA casino gambling is the purported economic growth from gaming development. Among these benefits is economic growth. Over the last half-century, policies that promote economic growth have become an integral part of public sector economic activity. In the U.S., state government attempts to attract industry via tax breaks and financial incentives have been the object of considerable research attention. But the apparent inability of either of these sets of policies to sustain successful outcomes over time has led state policy makers to explore alternative avenues. Writing in the 1930s Joseph Schumpeter noted that… more

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The Up’s and Down’s of Real Money Online Casinos

If you are new to the world of online casino gambling, you may not know how to get started securely and safely. Gambling over the internet is a relatively young industry and there are a few unscrupulous cyberspace operators in the market, so it is best to be wary. It is  a different experience when you are betting online compared to playing in a bricks-and-mortar casinos. Admittedly, in some ways playing online is better, but other ways it’s not as attractive. Check out the following pros and cons for USA players before reading the real money online casino reviews. (see examples here) The… more

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4 Great Things About Playing Games At Internet Casinos

Everyone likes to have the best… Regarding internet casino games, it is important to have a number of principles that will give you a good time and above all, possibly make you money after a long day of gambling. During most USA casino games it is necessary to remain calm so you must know how to stay focused and attentive, especially with Poker. Also, in order to play properly, it is crucial to know all of the game rules as set out. To play well, secure your budget and don’t go beyond it, as you have to know when to… more

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How to Win at Video Poker & Blackjack

Two of the three games you can play at a casino that are capable of having near 50/50 odds are at a blackjack and video poker. What does this mean? It means you have a really good chance of winning, if you game right, and doing so it fairly easy. It does not matter whether you are playing blackjack at a regular table or a virtual machine, it is all about how you play, and there is a reason for this if you pay attention to the similarities. Playing right has to do with understanding the odds, so don’t get… more

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Hotel-Casino Security and Big Brother Watching

The Ray Rice left hook at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ is now a hot global news item. Fortunately, this is not just another article about the hoopla surrounding the incident. What is important to committed gamblers is the role the hotel plays for everyone involved. The growing numbers of incidents like this is astonishing. If you don’t know here is the video and some background on what went down.I like to say that a casino may be the best place to keep your money, in the physical sense. With the millions of people who bring… more

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