What Is The Best Hand In Poker?

Most professional poker players in the world have a different answer to this question. You could survey all of the biggest names in the game and get several responses. There is only one way to make sure that your game is strong, and that is to play it like the pros. Here is what the pros would do when they are trying to find the best possible hand in the game.

Think It Over

There is no one greatest hand of all time. Aces and Eights have won people millions of dollars, but it was once known as the “Dead Man’s Hand”. What is lucky for one person is not lucky for another. You will not likely get shot over a poker hand, but you could think you have the best hand in the world and get trumped by someone who outplayed you. You have to think over your cards, think over the hand you have, and decide how you are going to proceed.

Decide What Your Best Odds Are Right Now

You have to use the cards you are holding and decide what the best possible hand is based on what you actually have. You cannot dream of a great hand that is not likely to come up, that is not how the game works. The best poker players in the world are going to think about what a realistic hand is for them. They will then play the game from there.

Poker Players Know Their Cards In and Out

The poker players who are playing the game wisely are not trying to get the greatest hand ever. They are trying to win the pot that is in front of them. If you look down at a pot that is not worth winning, then you can back out if you are not in love with your cards. If you look down and see a pot that is worth winning, you should do everything you can to play the hand you have been dealt.

The best poker players in the world understand what hands are possible based on the cards they have and the cards that are sitting on the table. If you are keeping track of the cards you have seen, you can imagine the hands you will not see. You have to be realistic or you will lose a lot of money.

There Is No”Best” Hand

The favorite hand of every poker player is the hand that wins them money and this is a fact. Professionals have held a hand that has won them millions, lost them millions and knocked them out of tournaments. The hand itself is not what you want to give favor to. You want to favor the hand that you truly believe you can win with. There is risk inherent in the game, but you can use that risk to your advantage. If you play aggressively, your opponents may back out before they get in too deep.

Never ask yourself what the best hand in the world is. Ask yourself what you need to do to win the pot that you see right before your very eyes. Favorite hands be damned.


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