Can I Play Real Money Casino Games in the US Online?

Playing Online Vs. in Land-Based Casinos

At some point in life, most people who play online casino games for real money have been to a real casino. There are a few differences between playing online and in a land-based casino. For starters, playing online is more convenient and comes with many variations of casino games. You don’t have to wait until there’s an open machine for you to play.

Another huge difference between playing online and in a land casino is that it’s much more safe and secure to not have your money exposed to potential theft. Some international laws and regulations apply to online casino gaming. They make online gambling a bit safer for online gamblers. Additionally, online casino games offer numerous benefits to players that doesn’t happen easily in a land casino, like getting instant deposit bonuses and actually winning a prize.

Is Online Gambling Legal or Illegal in The United States?

Due to the lack of any laws against it, real money US online casino gambling games are perfectly legal at the federal level in the US. Some extremely conservative states have enacted anti-gambling laws. Oklahoma, Washington, and North Dakota are good examples of such. But even in these states, prosecution resulting from online gambling is so rare, it has never happened to a user, only the owners of illegal operations are prosecuted.

Other states have gone forward to legalize online gambling of some sort. Examples of such states include New Jersey (poker and casino) in 2013, District of Columbia in 2011 (the law was repealed before it became active), and Delaware. Some Indian gaming, fantasy sites, and free online games sites are allowed throughout the country.

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